We aspire to motivate our children to success. We listen to the minds and hearts of our children and develop processes based on their needs. Our passion for athletics is the reason we are committed to doing what is best for every student with honesty, transparency and integrity.

Re·gal - /ˈrēɡəl/ Adjective 1 : Of, Relating To, Or Suitable For A King/Queen. 2 : Of Notable Excellence Or Magnificence : Splendid.


I. We Believe That It Is Our Responsibility To Help Build Our Communities...

Though Regal Sports Academy is introduced through the community by way of sports, the focus is truly on the community. From bringing community business partners and schools together for the ultimate goal of bettering our communities, RSA will donate money, time and efforts to their local partner schools. We will continue to grow the community spirit with a concentrated focus on the youth…both those playing under RSA and those that aren’t. Without a focus on the development of the youth in our community, our communities are doomed to fail.

​II. We Believe That Sports Can Be Used As A Gateway...

We will introduce many more sports within the near future for our communities, as we believe sports and clubs can be a gateway to learning our youth better. With the tremendous uptick of child depression and suicides, we believe that giving a child a safe place to be themselves and talk to someone that they may trust can allow us to step in before dire actions arise. By 2023-24, we will be creating a charity organization, Tony’s Smile, which will be dedicated to the memory of Antonio Sutherland, Jr., with a focus on mental health for youth and young adults.

Other opportunities outside of mental health can also be addressed with sports. We look to offer training and jobs to our students by way of sports; creating medias that they can learn and hone on in skills of social media marketing, filming, editing, photography, statisticians, journalism, and much more.

Other programs that will be created such mentoring, tutoring and food programs, depending on the needs of the schools and children represented.

III. We Believe That It Takes A Village To Raise A Child...

We believe that we must guide our youth into the direction of being better than us. We do this by teaching them lessons that can be used for both sports and in life, such as respect for one another’s differences, inclusion of new ideas and the ability to work as a team. These basic skills will be the groundwork of this academy, as we look to in create and inspire REGAL young men and women within our community and beyond.

“Alisha helped my son improve his grades, confidence, and study skills.”

Angela Ross

“Got admitted to the college I wanted! Couldn't have done it without Alisha.”

Melissa Patterson

“Alisha is the best tutor for ACT test preparation. I got a very high score.”

Shirley Turner

“Alisha is an extremely patient, professional and knowledgeable tutor! Highly recommended.”

Jacqueline Hughes


Sports is only one of several ways that we have an opportunity to make a connection to our youth. Offering several “safe spaces” with our coaches and teachers throughout various programs will allow for community growth unilaterally.We are always looking for good people that have the same mindset as we do for our youth and community. If you believe we have like-minded goals, please feel free to join us as a coach or volunteer. All staff is required to take an annual background check before making contact with players/students.

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